Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review of My Sweet Isabella by Tina

My Sweet Isabella by Mia Villano
Review by Tina

This is the final book in this series. My Sweet Isabella starts off with a bang and has you on your toes wondering what is going to happen with Fabrice and Isabella. I’ve loved this series from the start and couldn’t wait to see what journey these two will be going on.

“You are the man I fell in love with. You are my Fabrice. I love you. Don’t be sad today, baby.”

“I want you to know, I need you as much as you need me. I’ve been so alone and lost without you. Things are going to take time. I can’t give you my heart back all at once.’

I loved the chemistry between these two that had my kindle on fire at times. I enjoyed the journey these two take to get where they are now and it wasn’t without a bump in the road. On a daily basis Fabrice struggles with things and no matter what Isabella is there with him through it. Of course, we get the drama that comes along with this story, but we also get a story about overcoming issues that made these characters who they are. I truly loved the sexy scenes in this book and oh how HOT they are. It wasn’t easy for Fabrice and Isabella throughout this journey, but somehow the love they shared helped them get through all this. I loved the passion these two had for each other even though at times, I wanted to slap Fabrice. In the end love always wins out and that is what happens with Fabrice and Isabella. I’m going to miss these two and what they went throughout this series. I can say this is one of my favorite series. Go out get this and you’ll enjoy it as much as, I did.

“I have never wanted a man as much as I want you. You are my life, Fabrice. I’m complete with you.”

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