Monday, 16 May 2016

SWAY Review by Tina

Sway by Adriana Locke
Reviewed by Tina

I was so looking forward to reading this book, it’s nice to read a romance with a little politics involved. Who doesn’t love a man who is running for an office. 
“Married to my college sweetheart, a newly minted judge in Albuquerque, we went to balls and galas and swearings-in ceremonies often. It was magical time in my life, before the magic wore off and everything exploded right in my face.”
This is the story of Barrett Landry aka mayor of Savannah who is running for governor of Georgia.  Then we have Alison Baker who is rebuilding her life with her son Huxley in a town with her family now. It’s not been easy for Alison since she left her ex. Then she meets Barrett a function is working for as a waitress. I loved the chemistry between these two and it was off the charts at times. I loved how these two wasn’t looking for love, but found in each other even though Alison had a hard time with it from the start.  In this story you get the drama, a really good storyline with some very sexy HOT scenes.  I loved the secondary characters in this book. I can’t wait for the other brothers to get their story next.  Okay, one of my favorite parts is the fruit scene LOVED it.  
“How can you be so calm?” Ali whispers. “Aren’t you dying to know?” “Usually I am. But you know what?” I pull her onto my lad and lock my hands around her waist. “I’m not. Because either way, I’m going to be fine.”
I look forward to seeing Adriana Locke does next. This is truly a five star read for me.  I can’t wait to read Lincoln story next…

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