Sunday, 31 January 2016


River James by MJ Fields
Reviewed by Tina

This is book three in The Rockers of Steel by MJ Fields.   I was really excited to read River’s book and find out what made him who he is now. 
River is in a fucked up place with what happened between him and Finn. The hate River has for Finn had me speechless. Everyone around him could see the anger and hurt he was going through. With River, instead of talking about his issues, he used drugs and sex as a way of coping with his own issues. Then we meet Keanna, who is dealing with her own personal issues. Issues she struggles with every day. These two together are on FIRE like nothing else. 
“That fucking in your mind is not even close to the fucking you are about to receive, Keanna. Take your clothes off. I need my mouth on you.” “The lost look in his eyes is almost more than I can take after hearing blood-curdling cry while he slept. I want to make it go away.”
I truly loved River’s dirty talk, it is hot and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. He so relaxed at times but you could feel his daily struggles. What he went through as a kid made him who he is today. With River it was all about sex, drugs and not having a care in the world. Finally dealing with what happened between him, Finn & Jesse, he realizes that he was angry at something he had no control over in the end. I freaking LOVED River and Keanna they both dealing with their own issues, but together they were on amazing. I felt the pain  Keanna has trying to help River, but he was way too far gone to be helped. 
“You have a heart as big as the ocean, Keanna. Never let anyone drain you completely, but don’t turn your back when they need to borrow your heart, your strength, your kindness.”
This book has a fantastic storyline and some really GREAT sex scenes. What I loved most was the drama and this being a story about moving forward from the past and making a fresh start. MJ Fields does an amazing job with this book and I can’t wait to read Billy’s story. You’ll love this story as much as I did. You’ll want to throw something and I’m not going to lie, I did cry. Sometimes when a story affects you so much or you’ve gone through something like the characters you feel the pain and the sadness they are feeling. Go give this book a one-click today and enjoy River Keanna’s journey to the happiness they both deserve. 
“Have I ever denied you?” She looks over her shoulder at me. I shake my head. “Good thing, because I’m pretty addicted to you, too.” “You like the high? I ask. “I love the high.” I spin her around and take the lips I once had to beg for. When I pull back, I hold her face in my hands. “Best high of my life.”

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