Tuesday, 19 January 2016


This book touched me in so many ways; I could feel the pain that Jeannie Franklin went through. I cried along with her losses and knew from experience how she felt. To have the love of your life taken from you without notice, it’s devastating to not only to you but the kids. What Jeannie does to make it through all of this made me enjoy her journey. What a good mother would do to take care of her family no matter at what cost. Still grieving her lost another one happens so unexpectedly that has her so devastated. I loved this book even though Jeannie had to deal with things that no parent or wife should have to. Even though suffering from devastating grief, that overtime she dealt with the best way she could, she still provided for her family.

I loved the secondary characters like Marsha and John and how they welcomed them. No matter what was going on they were family. Finally seeing she deserves the happiness in life though she’ll never forget her loved ones. With Kane and Carmen, slowly she began to live again.
This is what I love about this author. She makes me feel what those characters are going through. She tells a great story about a family dealing with a loss and also struggling with faith during this time. This book had it all a really good storyline. Full of love and loss, but also about moving forward even though the people you love are no longer here. I enjoyed that Carmen and Kane came into Jeannie’s life at the right time and they got along the way they did as well with her son Michael. Seeing Jeannie and Kane have their happy ever after made me smile.
I’m glad I read this book and it made me think about life and the love ones we have in our life.

I’m just going to say Mia once again blew me away with this book and is a very talented author. I can’t wait to see what she writes next for us. Don’t think about it, just go one click this book. Feel the emotions that this family goes through, but see that you may have lost a loved one but they are never gone always with you.

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