Thursday, 1 October 2015


Suit by Jettie Woodruff
Reviewed by Becky
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Let be begin by saying Jettie is brilliant!  This book... wow.

Gabby is a mom, a wife and a submissive.  She lives the life her husband tells her to, always following the rules and being the perfect wife and mother. A marriage that seems perfect to the outside world.  Is it really?  

What no one else knows is Gabby has a twin sister, Izzy.  When Izzy shows up out of the blue Gabby can't help but take some time to be with her sister even though she is breaking all the rules.  

During a road trip down memory lane with her sister, an unfortunate accident leaves Gabby in a coma.  When she wakes up she has no memory of the accident, her husband, her children or her life.  

Join Gabby as she tries to fit into a life she can't remember and a husband she can't believe she ever loved.  Through dreams memories begin to surface and she struggles to fight the demons that come to light. Can she find herself again?  Can she find a way to be happy in the world she's come to know?  What happened to Izzy?

This book is amazing from start to finish.  You will be hooked from the first sentence till the very end.  It ends with a cliffhanger and you will be more than ready for the next book!  I know I am!

Get this book now. You will not be disappointed!

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