Tuesday, 20 October 2015


The Rocker Who Betrays Me by Terri Ann Browning
Reviewed by Tina 

The Rocker Who Betrays Me by Terri Anne Browning tells the story of Annabelle and Zander. This story focuses on the story of them from the beginning when they were young till now as adults. 
From the first page this story pulls you in that you can’t put down this book. Anna went through growing up in a home that at times you had to escape to be safe.  During this time Anna and Zander had a bond that was strong until it wasn’t anymore. Zander left Anna at a time she really needed him, but he thought she was better off without him.  Anna had to grow up faster than she had to become an adult fast for her child. In the first half of this book we learn about Anna and Zander at a younger age when Anna has flash backs from seeing him. I could feel the anger that Anna felt towards him, but also the heartache she has been feeling for so long. Anna was really angry at Zander for a very long time, even though she loved him so much. I also could feel what Zander has been going through for several years, but he just kept it to himself.
 I enjoyed seeing how Mieke his daughter acted towards him, but that she just wanted to know her own father. I enjoyed how Zander acted so natural around his own daughter even with his OCD issues. To hear what Anna went through during her pregnancy and after had me in tears over the emptiness, she went through.  In this book you’ll get a really good storyline with Anna and Zander with some drama that follows with it. It tells the journeys you go through to come back to the person you truly love and never forgot about even with years that have passed by. It’s nice to see the characters from the previous books in here, as well.  Who doesn’t love a rocker story that keeps you so engaged that you can’t put it down till you’re done. This book does it for me; I always enjoy a good book with ups and downs. I also enjoy a happy ending in which this book does, but not without the humps along the way. 

I’m never surprised about how talented Terri Ann Browning is as an author. She has you hooked from the first page till the end. I’m always thinking about her books after, I’ve read them several days later. I can’t wait to see what she does next in the Rocker Series.

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