Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Review of Politically INCORRECT by Tina

Politically INCORRECT by Jeanne McDonald
Reviewed by Tina

I was excited to read this book; I’m not going to lie I love a good political book. This is Politically INCORRECT by Jeanne McDonald.
From the first page the interaction between Elizabeth and William had me fanning myself at times. I loved how these two where around each other, but neither held back either.  I loved William from the start never caring what others thought about him and doing what he thought was right for state. Elizabeth major issue was having to deal with a younger man who she found attractive, but couldn’t admit how she felt. These two together made this book more about what happens when you find love in last place, like on a campaign trail. The secondary characters also made this book even better with their storylines as well. In this book you get the drama that comes with politics, a very good storyline and some really good sexy scenes that will have you fanning yourself afterwards. It was never easy for these two, but they made it work for them.  Being in politics and loving someone involved in it can never be easy. The age difference was never an issue; you love who you love in the end. 
I recommend you go one click this book and enjoy this book as much as, I did. I promise you’ll love it.

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