Monday, 11 April 2016

Review of Forever Rocker by Tina

Forever Rockers by Terri Anne Browning 
Reviewed by Tina

I was excited but sad to see The Rockers Series come to an end.  What am I going to do without the gang anymore, but what a series it was and the ending was so perfect. 

I was hoping Harper and Shane finally got what they’ve been hoping for, but it didn’t come easy for them from the start. We get see to how the guys were doing along with their families. I loved how it was in dual POV and getting to catch up with each couple.  To see what these families had to go through with being in the limelight and how they dealt with it as a group. I’m not going to lie; my favorite couple will always be Harper and Shane.  The story flowed from the first page till the last.  Of course, along the way we have drama, sexy scenes, but also just a really good story about finally getting what you’ve always wanted that’s a family. 

“I belong to you too, Shane. Always.”

This series has been my favorite from the start, I enjoyed the journey that Terri Anne Browning took us on throughout this series that, and I’ll always go back to read over and over again.  I was given an ARC for an honest review.

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