Thursday, 7 July 2016

Review Of Voka On The Rocks by Lani Lynn Vale

Voka On The Rocks by Lani Lynn Vale
Review by Tina

All I can say is, I love this series but this author never fails to give a really good story. This is Vodka on Rocks (Uncertain Saint’s MC #3) by Lani Lynn Vale.

“Casten was beautiful in an I’m going to kill you’ kind of way.”

I really enjoyed reading about Casten and Tasha these two from the first page had chemistry off the chart. Even though Casten fought the feelings for a while, he couldn’t hold back from her too much longer. Tasha was the volleyball coach/teacher at the local school in town, she had some unbelievable things happen to her that was really rough on her.  Casten never wanted to be in a relationship with anyone, but for some reason he couldn’t get Tasha out of his head.  This story had it all not only some drama the past, but really HOT sexy scenes but also a really good storyline. The back and forth with these two did have me laughing at times, but I can’t lie I did cry as well. The story just pulled me in, I could feel the pain of these two.  I can’t say it enough; I truly enjoy the secondary characters.  Sometimes two people hurting in their own way, can help each other move on from what happen to them in past, but never forget what happen.

“I had to hurt you. I had to get you away so I could find him. It wasn’t going to end with you not giving him a chance to make his move.”

“I love you, Casten,” she whispered against my lips. “I love you more.”

I can really say Lani Lynn Vale always does a fantastic job writing these stories, that you can’t wait for what is next with her. All I can say is go one click book today and enjoy it as much as I did.

“I loved that man. I loved everything about him, our kids and our life together. And I always would.”

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