Thursday, 2 June 2016

Review of Flash Point by Tina

Flash Point by Lani Lynn Vale
Reviewed by Tina

All I can say is just wow this book was a five star read plus more.  This is Flash Point (Kilgore Fire #2) by Lani Lynn Vale.  
“Each and every time I nearly died, I used to chant your name like one would a prayer. It’d give me just that more drive to survive.  To go home to you. To make you realize that I never blamed you. Never stopped loving you.”
What I loved about this from the start is the connection Masen and Booth had with each other.  Even though circumstances pulled them in different directions, they never stopped loving each other.  I could feel the pain of what Booth went through with Masen, but the love he had for was undeniable throughout this whole book.  The characters in this along with the secondary flowed from the first page till the last one.  I could put it down, just loved how Masen and Booth argued but in the end they loved one another regardless of what got in their way.  I’m not going to lie, I cried at some parts during this book but when a story like this pulls you in, it’s bound to happen. You get the drama that goes along with this book, as well some hot steamy sexy scenes and an overall good story about second chances regardless of how long you’ve been apart. I’m going to say, I loved it.  I enjoy seeing other characters from previous stories Lani has wrote. 
“I’ve loved you since I saw you in those short shorts with our hair flying in the wind. From the moment you ran to your car and stood on the bumper of your jeep to put the top up, I knew you’d be mine.”
I love this series by Lani Lynn Vale, she never disappoints in her books or writing. It makes you want to go back and read it over and over again. Which I’m not going to lie, I so will. So give this book a one click, so you can enjoy Masen and Booth story like, I did.  
“I was his, completely and forever. If he wanted me, I couldn’t deny him.”
“That’s what we do. We fight. Then we make up. That’s the best part, remember?”

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