Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Right To My Wrong by Lani Lynn Vale
Review by Tina

What can, I say is that; I was looking forward to reading this book. The story of Ruthie and Sterling was one that, I was looking forward to reading. This is book eight in The Dixie Warden MC Series.

"He was so beautiful, but everything I would never go for again. Muscular. Military. An Alpha. Those three things combined made a man who always felt he knew the right way."

From the first page this story flowed telling the story of Ruthie and Sterling, but what daily struggles these two went through on a daily basis. I loved the connection these two had before they got involved with each other. The bond they had, but that they never judged each other over what has happened in the past. Everyday Ruthie was dealing with something new or was treated even judged on her past. What I loved about Ruthie even though it bothered her, that she never gave up on what she wanted to do in life or herself. What Ruthie went through before and after prison no one should, ever have to go through this.

I can say Sterling grew on me throughout this story, I just loved how he never cared what others thought of him with Ruthie, but how Alpha he became with her. I enjoyed the back and forth banter with his brothers he grew up with in foster with. Even though Sterling was gone a lot with his Military job, he never once forgot about Ruthie or the family he loved so much.

"Sterling..." I started. "You're in the Navy. You're a freakin' SEAL. You're a mother lovin' hero. Why wouldn't she be proud of you?"

I'm just going to say, I truly enjoyed this book by Lani Lynn Vale, she never fails me in her writing. From the first page till the end you truly love the flow of this story. Yes, you do get the drama that comes along with the book, but as well a really good storyline and some really HOT sexy scenes. I'm going to say wow, that's all. Go grab this book and enjoy this book like, I did. I promise you'll love it as much as, I did.

"You're mine and I'm yours. We'll make our lives good together. We'll have babies. We'll buy a house. We'll grow old together until we can't see the other's faults. We'll be together forever. And then, when we're done on this earth, we'll go out together, because I deserve happy, and so do you. We're fucking due, and I fucking love you,"

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